as wazzoo and me discribed in an other thread, we like to login via lynx to myspace:

echo "email=$EMAIL&password=$PASSWORD&--" | lynx -accept_all_cookies -post_data MySpace


This command from the script logs into Myspace fine, where $EMAIL and $PASSWORD are previously defined. However, once logged in, it needs to remain logged in and navigate to a page that can only be accessed once logged in. Currently, the command runs, outputs in plain-text (not in Lynx interface) the contents of the page once logged in, and then presents me with a bash prompt again. By following this up with another Lynx command navigating to the page I want to be at, I'm simply redirected to a login screen.

Is there any way to stay logged in and perform more commands inside Lynx (such as reading a few pages into text files to be manipulated by the next part of the script) by using a shell script?

Thanks for your help