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    PPTP Incoming Call Requests


    I had made plans for using PoPToP with a Compaq 6100 Remote Access Concentrator in order to create a decently fast dial-up solution. However, I began testing the setup only to find that PoPToP does not include support for the following PPTP Control Messages: 9 (INCOMING-CALL-REQUEST), 10 (INCOMING-CALL-REPLY), and 11 (INCOMING-CALL-CONNECTED). Even though this was my first run-in with the details of the PPTP protocol, I attempted to add the needed functionality to PoPToP's control message handler. It worked somewhat, but typically worked only with Windows 2k and XP. Otherwise, I consistently got a Control-Request timeout with other clients (tested this with many computers). After inspecting my code, I found I had skipped over some important stuff but still never got it to work.

    Can anyone elaborate more than the RFC on what needs to happen? Any suggestions? Are there any other vpn servers for linux that could handle remote access PPTP or L2F connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, just to let you know, I only received messages of type "5" (ECHO-REQUEST) after the CONNECTED message, despite sending a SET-LINK-INFO packet (type "15") after the ppp daemon was started. Also, I would like to modify PoPToP to support multiple call-id's per control connection (I know this is against the RFC, but I'd like to emulate an NT4 server). In other words, I need to modify the pptpctrl program to make it multi-threaded. If anyone has any ideas on this as well, I would appreciate it.



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    I've never experimented very much with just PPP (never had a use for it), but I can tell you that you'll probably be much more likely to get a useful response from the mailing list for the project (most open source projects have mailing lists, as you most likely know), since they are more familiar with the code in question.
    For me to answer this, I would have to analyze the project in question, and, sorry, but I really don't have the time to do so.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try emailing the list.

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