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Thread: i need help

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    i need help

    hello folks

    i need some help to answer this questions

    Use ln to create links and investigate the behaviour of the links in different situations:

    1. Change to the new directory and use ln -s to create a symbolic link to the file. Does the original file show any indication of the symbolic link?
    Do the same for the directory and see if there is any indication. Try to make a symbolic link to a file that does not exist, or make a symbolic link and then remove the file. What happens?
    2. Type ln -s blah blah. What happens when you try to read the file blah you just created? Explain.
    3. Now make a hard link to a file (i.e. ln without -s). What happens now?
    4. What happens when you change the permissions of the original file with chmod, or update its modification time with touch?
    5. Apart from the names, how can you tell which was the original file, and which is the link you just created?
    6. What happens if you remove the original?
    7. What happens if you try to make a hard link to a directory? To a non-existent file?

    thanks for help

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    Sorry, detective linux, but homework questions are not allowed to be posted on the forums:

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