Hi all

I'm slowly converting to Linux (I even use cygwin on our W2K3 servers )

We have 3 offices with 3 redhat servers connected via VPN.
Currently I have a mirror of the various project folders on each of the servers using rsync over SSH.

Is there a better way?
Ideally I would like a system that replicates the files to all 3 offices to allow better collaboration between the staff. i.e. user changes file a on server b and it is replicated across all sites.

I cant see a robust way of doing this with rsync as it seems to depend on what server fires it off first as a cron job to see what version of the file makes the cut. (Not to mention using --delete-after killing new files etc).

Im sure there must be some fantastic distributed file system out there in Pingu land, I just cant find it.

Anyone point me in the right direction?