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    using "find" to locate files in a folder when folder name has spaces

    hope you are well...the thing is i want to know if i have a folder named whose absolute path is as follows
    /home/someuser/this folder name has spaces/

    how would i use find to look for a file abc.txt in this folder meaning
    if i use

    find /home/someuser/this folder name has spaces/ -wholename="*abc.txt"

    i get errors like

    find: /home/someuser/this: no such file or directory
    find: folder :no such file or directory
    i know the error becuase of the fact that the name has spaces can anyone please suggest how to overcome this i have tried doing

    find "/home/someuser/this folder name has spaces/" -wholename="*abc.txt"

    no results
    find '/home/someuser/this folder name has spaces/' -wholename="*abc.txt"
    no results

    can anyone please suggest how to over come this

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    Blackfooted Penguin daark.child's Avatar
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    You can do
    find /path\ to\ some\ dir/ -name "*abc.txt"

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    Linux Engineer rcgreen's Avatar
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    Have you tried /home/someuser/"this folder name has spaces"/?

    Or rename the folder. Spaces are evil.

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    thank you so much daark.child and rcgreen. i tried your code daark.child and its working perfectly...
    thank you so much to both of u for finding time to reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcgreen View Post
    Spaces are evil.
    Spaces aren't evil, they're separators! Don't fight the system's philosophy.

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