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    Special characters...

    Hey everyone. So, first day here and already it's my second topic...

    Basically, what I would like to know there a way to insert special characters, such as ú, in the same way as you can under Windows (by holding down the right Alt key (Alt Gr) whilst pressing the letter/entering the ASCII code)? I use special characters like this a lot in my writing, and it would be helpful if I had a quick way to insert them like I used to.



    Edit: Nevermind. Sorted

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    Any chance of posting how you sorted it in case others have the same problem?

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    It wasn't necessarily something that needed to be solved. At least, not in this particular distro, I don't think. I was used to holding down the right Alt key and pressing the letter that I wanted to add the accent to. Now, it's a similar process. I just have to hit the right Alt key, followed by ; and then the letter of choice. They have to be in pretty quick succession, though.

    This is something I came across whilst searching for a way to do it, and it might be helpful to some:

    non-English characters in Linux —

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    Indeed. There is actually an existing keyboard layout called "U.S. English International" that has the right alt acting as AltGr (Alt Grave).

    Another option, which may or may not work, is to set up your X server to allow you to fully switch layouts. For instance, I write in Spanish on occassion (used to more frequently), and I have a little widget that I click, and my keyboard is treated as a Spanish keyboard. So |' e| produces , ; produces , etc. If you're doing a lot of writing in another language, this can make some things easier (and, of course, can be done for any language).

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