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    Tiny linux-distros

    Okay, I'm looking for a tiny Linux distro. I'm not talking about Damn Small Linux, Puppy-Linux, or any like that.

    I'm talking about a Linux-distro that fits on a floppy.
    Here are the things I want it to have (this, and NOTHING else):
    1. Booting without asking for login, and opening a text editor (Abiword preferred) (and perhaps a windows manager)
    2. Mounting the floppy drive.
    3. If possible: opening that text editor automatically on booting.

    Now, is there a Linux distro without add-ons? I mean, not just the kernel, but just something tiny.
    I'll even install Abiword myself afterwards

    I don't know the specs of the Laptop I'm installing it on YET, but I'll give them as soon as I have them.
    All I know: it's currently running Windows 3.11.
    It's OLD. I'm guessing it's about 15 years, but I'm not sure. (To me, that's old. It's the second-oldest computer I've used. The oldest one used those large floppy-disks).

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    it's been a while since i have ever tried a floppy linux distro. but i did use mulinux a couple of times way back. it had quite a bit of features that came with it too, even x if you prepared more than one floppy.

    i would check out since this lists a ton of different tiny distros.

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    here are two that i think mite work if i find any more i will let you know
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    Can those two be properly installed on a harddrive? I mean, can you change the settings? And could you copy data from the harddrive to an empty floppy using them?
    (Sorry about my stupid questions. I've only used vectorlinux so far, and I never really coded much However, 'Linux in a nutshell' is lying next to me)

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    Hm... Okay. Wait before answering I'll give them a try first

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    Well, I found info about the system:
    HD: 64,7 MB.
    System Board Memory: 4 MB
    Memory Card: 8 MB

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    Okay, a new question: what program (not rawrite) can I use in Windows XP to put the .img file on the floppy?

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    Okay, ignore that last question too, I think I got it.

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    wow....bit MPD are we?
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    Quote Originally Posted by qub333
    wow....bit MPD are we?
    MPD? I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean

    If you mean hyperactive: yes :P

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