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    ok i'll get it onto a cd when i can and let you know how everything goes and hopefully my site will be up and running tomorrow.

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    Ok i don't fully understand how this is supposed to work, how do i perform a netinstall i suspect im supposed to select http but then it asks for a web site name and a centos directory what am i supposed to enter?

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    I've never done a CentOS install of any kind, but check this HowTo for instructions that might help.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Edit: check this link too, because it looks like it might explain a bit about the part where you got stuck.

    Hope it helps...
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    do you of any way i can download the file it downloads just once to avoid wasting all this time downloading? but like you say you haven't worked with centos so your not really the person that would know

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    If you want to install from cds, then download the full installation set. If you want to perform a net install, then choose one of the mirrors here:

    Do not use that URL; rather, choose one of the URLs there. I believe you'll need the full path (including the trailing i386/).

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    i got past the partitioning after an hour of fiddling, now just downloading and install the packages, could take a while.

    Edit: I'm going to cancel the download so i can download the installation dvd to save time in the future if i ever need to reinstall or anything like that.

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    ok everything installed and going, now to configuring it so i can run my web server and mysql database so how do i do this? i would expect the os would not make any difference in this part of setting it up?

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    This article may help you setup CentOS as an AMP server.

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    Thanks for the link i only just found the same website a while ago but another problem has popped up, i don't know how this has happened but something must have gone wrong, when i started up the server a while ago the login screen comes up all normal but as soon as i log in all it give me is a terminal, firefox, and a clock but nothing else no task bar nothing, i even tried changing the season, i think i may reinstall unless you have a better idea.

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    I would recommend Debian for the server you want to put together.

    Performing security updates on a production server is always nerve-racking and Debian is the excellent in a serious production environment.

    Ubuntu server (a more user-friendly version of Debian) is also a good choice on production servers.

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