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    Discover what filesystem(s) are on a disk/partition?

    Is there any really good linux program to definitively tell you what filesystem(s) are on a disk/partitions?

    When you do mount /dev/sda1, for example, the mount program detects the filesystem type and then mounts the partition as that filesystem so you can use it. I am looking for a program to just run the check of what filesystem it is without mounting the filesystem. I suspect that "mount" does this detection by looking for signatures in the first by bytes of the partition in order to identify it, so there should be some other program that can do this too, right?

    EDIT: as I was typing this, I realized that fdisk and parted must be able to do this and they seem to, although I haven't tried them on any random disks yet. If anyone knows of any other good programs for file system detection, could you pls post them here?
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    I think the two apps you mentioned are the most common for checking filesystems and managing partitions. I personally prefer using using "parted -l" to look at filesystems because of the way it displays the information although "fdisk -l" does a similar thing.

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