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    Emulation of Mac OS 8.0

    Hi Everyone-

    I would like someone to be able to confirm that it is indeed possible to emulate OS 8.x under linux (any distro). I've had a lot of problems trying to do so and just need some encouragement and or someone to tell me I'm wasting my time.

    I have an old PowerPC and the necessary installation disks for Mac OS 8.0/8.1. I've been able to emulate 6.x and 7.x (mac classic and LCII) with minivmac, but I've had considerable problems getting anything to run 8.x. PearPC seemed like a good option, but I've had problems getting it to build on my computer and it is no longer being actively developed. Most of the information on this subject is relegated to OSX.

    If anyone has ever done this I would just like to know:
    1.) What emulator did you use?
    2.) Are there any how-to's online that I just can't find?
    3.) Is there any way to read hfs other than hfsutils?

    (please no suggestions to "just google it")

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    I know that this thread is a couple weeks old and I am breaking etiquette, but since I uncovered some things I thought I would post in case anyone in the future searched for something similar:

    I believe the problems I had emerging PearPC (gentoo) had to do with my GCC compiler. GCC 3.3 should work but I have 3.4.

    1.) Available Emultors for Mac II or higher:

    Basilisk / BasiliskII

    2.) I found a good How-To that explains things pretty well.
    Beginners' Guide to Emulating a Macintosh

    3.) You can read files from a disk with hfsutils, but the problem I had was repackaging them to work with the emulator. Lets say you have all the files you want but they are in a folder called MacFiles/
    mkisofs -hfs -hfs-unlock -probe -V "Mac Files" -o MacFiles.hfs MacFiles/
    Now you can just drag and drop the MacFiles.hfs into the emulator (or mount it through whatever program you are using) and it will show up as a disk.
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    Reposting a solution to your own problem is most definitely not a breach of ettiquette! We highly encourage this sort of thing since it helps other people in the future who might have the same problem.
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    Thanks for posting that! I might have a go!
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