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    I just got a new pocketpc, and as its new and i like to fiddle with new stuff, i wanted to put some e-books on it (namely one on each php, perl, and apache) does anyone know of a good site for free/cheap techinical ebooks, or know of a specific ebook? Ive found a few sites, but they have very small reference sections, or they are amazon, and only compatable w/ palm.
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    try they have quite a bit. i don't know specifically if they have ebooks, but i would imagine they would.

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    I don't think that O'Reilly sells e-books, however, they do have Safari. With safari you could read the books in your bookshelf as long as you have an internet connection on your pocket-pc. I actually did this for a little while, but I found the text scolling outside the borders of the screen. Scrolling for each line became too much of a pain. They also allow you to download pdf files of each chapter, but the feature costs extra. Enough extra that I don't use that portion of the service.
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