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    Mouse configuration.

    I buy a mouse with 8 button (including wheel) but i only can use 5 of it, left, middle, right and wheel. My question is is there a way to let oder buttons do any action.

    What i must read/learn to configure it?

    Can I change the behavior of a mouse button, for example:
    I like when i press mouse button 7 the system does a key press "H".

    Where i can change this funtion?

    I read a lot of forums talking about use of xmodmap, in my case xmodmap looks right all 8 buttons, my problem is how to let this button do something, im sure when i press button 8, it sends a "signal" to the drivere, but where we say this signal does? I get for example the vendors driver in windows, he let me assing a funtion to each button.

    Thanks in advance.

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    maybe you should check in /etc/xf86config in section mouse...
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    Yeah my XF86Conf is right, the xmodmap returns goods stats to all my buttons.

    The questions is if the only way to asing a funtion to this extra mouse button is using soft like imwheel, or There are other? There is no way with the basic configuration of XFree86?

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