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    [SOLVED] Problem with hosts getting stuck at GRUB menu list

    I have an interesting problem. I administer about 300+ Debian and SuSE hosts. These hosts are all connected to networked Raritan devices for KVM, and also have serial console connections

    Occasionally, when the host is rebooted, we find that the host gets stuck at the GRUB menu when it boots up, as if a key is being pressed. We're not able to figure out which key seems to be "leaked" by the KVM or the serial console, So now I'm trying to figure out a solution so that the hosts do not get stuck. I think one solution would be to remove the timeout, but I'd prefer to keep that there if possible.

    I'm wondering, is there a way to:

    A. Ignore keypresses except for certain ones (e.g. Arrow Down, etc). Narrowing down the options would certainly reduce the window of this interruption

    B. Have GRUB boot the selected line without waiting for the Enter key to be pressed. When the hosts are stuck at this menu, they are always sitting on the first (default) line

    I've browsed the GRUB information pages, but haven't come across anything yet.

    Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions


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    I think hiddenmenu might do what you want ... waits timeout then boots default unless escape key is pressed ... section 12 of the grub manual.

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    We had the same problem with one of our servers, did a google searchch and came across this post.

    In our case the KVM switch (an ancient unit more than 10 years old) was the culprit. Once we isolated the switch the server booted normally.


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