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    Need help porting sounds to Linux, please


    I've created a set of system sounds for Windows XP, based on samples from Portishead, with their permission. The samples are in WAV format, and play during system events such as login, new mail, min/max window, etc. This is purely non-commercial and the sounds are freely available to anyone who wants them.

    Could someone please answer these questions so I can offer them to Linux users?

    1. What is the typical audio format used for Linux system sounds
    2. What is the typical compression format (comparable to zip)

    I'm also looking for someone willing to write simple instructions for applying the sounds. I would of course give this person due credit in the download, with a link to their website. Following are instructions for XP, to give you an idea what I need:
    1. Unpack the zip file to any folder.
    2. Copy the WAV files to C:\Windows\Media
    3. Open the Sounds and Audio Devices applet in Control Panel, then go to the Sounds tab.
    4. Set the sounds you want to use in the Program Events list then click Apply.
    5. 5ave your settings, then close the Sounds and Audio Devices applet.

    You should now open the Display Properties applet (also in the Control Panel) and save your current theme. This should save the sound scheme as part of the theme (also any mouse cursor settings you may have applied). You may need to repeat these steps if you switch themes.


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    linux will happily play your wav files. Linux (GZIP) will also happily unzip your zip files.

    Linux is inclusive, unlike Windows which likes to exclude people.

    have fun


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    Cool, thanks!

    Honestly, if it was up to me I'd leave Microflaccid in a heartbeat. Apple sux even more, imo, and I've worked with both companies.

    Unfortunately, too many of my clients are using Windows on the client side, but I am seeing Linux make slow but steady headway in the server environment.

    So I'm keeping all my appendages crossed...



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