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    Gnome Customisation Problems

    I would like to customise my gnome environment but i dunno how 2 do the following :

    1. How do I add a systray applet to gnome-panel ? It doesn't show any such option in the context menu.

    2. How do I set global keyboard shortcuts (apart from those options in gnome-keyboard-config) ? e.g. shortcut for gnome-terminal. (Maybe I could directly edit the keyboard configuration flile or something like that)
    On the same lines, I want Ctrl-Alt-**** (say) to shutdown the comp just as Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots.

    3. How do I edit the gnome menu ? There seems to be no tool like kmenuedit for gnome.

    4. How do I disable the window animation (when minimising windows). It slows down my old comp apart from being very irritating.

    5. Where does KDE keep those icons ... i would like to use some of them in gnome...

    Any help would b appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance

    Fedora Core 2
    P3 500 system

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    some answers

    1. right click on a bit of space on the panel and choose add to panel > the trick here is clicking on blank panel not on another applet.

    2. in fc2 there is a shortcut key configuration tool inside preferences ( i think could be system tools)

    3. dunno - try the gconf editor

    4. dunno

    5. in fc2 its /usr/share/icons/crystalsvg
    but both the /usr/share/icons and /usr/share/pixmaps folders contain various image files and links to other image files.

    if you have the time and inclination, there is a very good Gnome Desktop Administrator guide on the gnome website that covers loads of good stuff regarding configuration.

    good luck
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