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    Is there a way i can accomplish this with virtual software

    Ok, I have a windows/Linux box at my home. I have my home server mainly running through windows, so I spend a lot of time in it. I am taking a Linux/Unix class at school using the centos operating system, and have a hard drive dedicated to that class. Is there a way that I can boot into an IDE hard drive in some sort of virtual machine software? If so, will I still be able to SSH into it using my laptop (inside my house/behind my router). Thanks in advance for your help guys

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    I boot a 32-bit version Ubuntu thats on a physical partition from my 64-bit Ubuntu installation

    The Linux and Windows versions of VirtualBox (VirtualBox) are almost identical so you should be able to run a virtual linux on a physical partition this way

    Networking will be problematic but I have run a guest web server and connected from the host machine, so with the right port forwarding (sometimes called virtual server settings on routers) it should be doable.

    You would be much better off for ease of use and security running on all your servers on a linux server and hosting window tho...

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    awsome. im having a hard time enabling this for booting into a hard disk though. upon the boot menu i hit 1 (the option for hard disk) and i get a "no bootable medium found" error. is there a setting i need to toggle?
    im sure ill be able to handle the networking side of this, i already ha ve all my ports forwarded to this box
    thanks again

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    are you using virtualbox or some other virtulisation software?

    Which boot menu? when the virtual machine runs?

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    yeah, i went ahead and got virtualbox per your recommendation. when i boot up i get to the innotex menu, the one that says hit f12 to select a boot device, i hit f12 then get to the virtualbox temporary boot device selection menu, which is when i select hard disk and get the error

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    it's documented in there, basically you need to create a virtual drive that uses a raw partition

    you really *must* Read The Fine Manual tho....

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    thanks for your help chris, this should get me to the right place

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