Hi everybody,

I have been assigned on a project which requires obtaininig a 360 view of the environment using several cheap USB web-cams on a robot. I will place the web-cams on a circular pod for this purpose. The plan is to use a small PC-104 board with USB inputs. I did program on Linux, but this will be the first time for me to do embedded programming. Here are my concerns:

1) What kind of cpu power needed to transmit 6 video images over a wireless ethernet interface? I also need a wireless tranmitter or something like that.
2) What kind of linux distro would you recommend? I know that this question may depend on the board that I will be using but I haven't decided on the board yet.
3) What library should I use for capturing multiple USB video data? Is video4linux suitable for this purpose?
4) Any comments, suggestions on the software and hardware achitecture is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.