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    Splash screens and images: pop quiz

    Who knows how to:

    1) Change the image used for the annoying manufacturer's logo that fills the screen on many computers during the first stage of booting? If it varies by make, assume Dell Inspiron 8100.

    2) Change the little Tux logo that sits at the top of the console when it first loads on some systems? If it varies by distro and/or kernel, assume Slackware 10 and 2.6.7.

    3) Change the image used by the KDE 3.2 splash screen?

    1000 points* for each answer, plus 5000 bonus points if you know all three.

    *Points can be redeemed for candy at any airport gift shop. Contestant may be required to steal his or her own candy at some locations.

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    1) I managed to change the logo on an AWARD bios. However, I never searched for modding the bios of other versions. A quick google turned me to this page:

    2) Never tried to change that, change the whole of the screen by using bootsplash. By costum editing the rc-scripts of your distro and reading the manuals of bootsplash, you are able to make progress bars during booting (see Gentoo Livecd 2004.2 and Mandrake). Quick link:

    3) That one is easy. But as I'm a lazy bum:
    Download it and look at the installation instructions, I guess...

    Now on to the candy!

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