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    Recovering files under ReiserFS

    Hi all. I just want to ask is there any way to recover accidentally deleted files under ReiserFS?

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    It just so happens that I have been looking into this myself recently.

    It depends on what you have done to the disk since the deleetion of the file. also if loss of the file was due to corruption of the partition then this is important.

    If you have deleeted a file accidentaly you should umount that partiton _IMEDIATLY_ this should hopefully stop the data from being overwriten. Even if the wanted file was deleeted a long time ago it may still be possible to recover it (at least in part, depends on the type of file lost and the amount of use the fs has seen)

    This is one method of looking for files on a damaged partition or for accidentaly deleeted files:

    1. umount the partition as soon as possible - the partition should not be mounted when running this command.

    2. Use grep to scan the disk contents, pipe the output to GNU/strings and then to a file.

    grep -20 -s 'name of file, or text from file' /dev/hda1 | strings > text.dump
    That should work although i may have the syntax wrong (i am in the m$windows based library)

    There are other methods which can be used and please rememeber that you should make a backup of your filesystem before doing anything that may corrup things, I know of a few other possibilities which i will post about later.

    What kind of data is it btw?

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    10x, I'll try that. The data is around 50MB of images, which I've been storing for the past year or so. And while I do have a backup, it's around a month old, so that's why I wanted to see if there is any other way to recover the lost files.

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    i would suggest you to check for a script that makes automatically backup every 30 minutes of /home for example and saves the backup-file in a tarball..
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