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Thread: Serial output

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    Serial output


    I quite new to linux, so i need some help.

    I have an IR (infrared) diode and an text display. its connected to my computer via an serial cable (D9 connector i think) and in windows i type in my text and send it to the display via IR. the text is then rolling over the screen. So, how does i send data to the display (via serial to an IR diode) in linux?

    The display only have an IR reciver, not an transmitter. So the IR Transmitter send data only to the display, and is`nt reciving anything.

    What do i have to do to send a bit of text?

    Sorry for my english and my spelling.

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    Have you checked out all the resources out there for Linux Infrared ?

    Just a quick google gets a number of links and how-to's.

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    i dont know what im really are looking for..

    cold you link to something you think im looking for?

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    I have found many ways to send data to the serial port, but non of them are really sending data. I hold a led on the IR leds soldering, and it dosent light at all. In windows it does.

    All i want is to send raw data. Someone who has any idea?

    Have been using google mutch but whit no great results.

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