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    Question Serial Port Logger


    here the sun is shinning under light clouds and the birds have begun a lyrical competition. Every thing's fine... however I encounter problems with my pc:

    I'm a newby in linux world. I'm looking for a small app able to scan the serial port (rs232) of my computer, read the every-1-second 100-characters line and write it to a file. In brief I'm looking for a simplistic serial port logger.

    The ideal solution would be to create daily files.

    I have made extensive research over the web and haven't any app available, a lot of port "sniffers" but no loggers (only one in development in sourceforge but no release yet). Does it mean I have to write a script by myself? where should I begin?

    Please excuse my inexperience!

    Thank very much for your help,


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    Are you a programmer but new to Linux? If so, you can write your own port logger for the RS232 port. You would probably use an ioctl to get the data values of the port and then write them to the log.

    What are you logging RS232 for?

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    Hi felPmy,

    thank you for your suggestion!

    I am actually a poor programmer. Since my post I found the perfect tool: kermit. Not the frog but the serial and network communication software, it offers greats services. A command "log session" allows to record any line transmitted by any serial port.

    Thank you anyway for your help,

    Best Regards,


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    "Session logging and debugging. "
    C-Kermit 8.0 Specifications

    What is your RS232 application?

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    an ultrasonic anemometer!
    we want to install it on a stand-alone station.

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    9-pin RS232? One sample per second ttyS0.

    Does Kermit provide the logging capability that you need for the ultrasonic anemometer? Have you connected this RS232 device to Linux already and it works? What application will you use to make sense of the log files?

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