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    need help with linux command


    thanks alot for reading my question firstly.

    i need to do a demonstration on the following question and i really don't know what command to use for these.i need to do this demo using linux terminal.plz help me and thanks in advance.

    Append a statement, namely “test” to the file named “linux”.

    I tried to google looking what is the meaning for append and it says ;

    To place after, or at the end of, a character, a line, or a file. In the vi editor, certain commands let you append text in a document. In the Bourne and C shells, the symbol )) allows you to append output to an existing file (or create a new file if the file does not yet exist).

    plz explain and help me.thanks alot for all your help.

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    Is this a homework question? I'd suggest reading through the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide. If you search for any of your key terms there you will find your answer, it's actually the same as in DOS

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    where to find?


    I tried to search but i got stucked and confused which section to find and there are alot.Can u guide me plz.Thanks in advance.

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    plz help me.its really urgent.

    i tried googling and i tried this

    echo test >> linux

    and now i need to how to check whether the name test already added?

    is there any other command to check this.

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