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    Cannot load a module using modprobe command

    Hi Everyone,

    I have recently installed a smartlink modem driver on my Red Hat 8 system. My computers modem is a WinModem and for this reason I have been having some fun trying to get the thing working in Red Hat, I have successfully installed the package slmdm-2.6.X.tar.gz from smartlink.

    The instructions provided with this package indicate that to use the scripts you should simply cd to /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/misc and run the command:

    #modprobe slamrmo

    I have added the modprobe command (contained in /sbin) to my path so that I can run it from anywhere however I am not able to run the slamrmo module.

    I have tested the modprobe command on other modules in the indicated directory and they work fine, however the slamrmo command results in the following error message:

    "Can't locate module slamrmo!"

    If anybody out there knows why the modprobe command cannot locate the module can you please let me know?



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    First, see if slamrmo was installed at all. Do that this way:
    cd /lib/modules
    find -name "*slamrmo*"
    If not, you probably didn't run make install in the driver's source. If it is there, try running "depmod -a", and then try again.

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