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    Email Delivered OK - No Access via POP3/IMAP

    Apologies if another category would have been better to post to - I don't think that the problem necessarily lies in sendmail, but with accessing the mail after it has been delivered.

    Extended Subject: Redhat Linux 6.2 Email Delivered to Server but POP3 and IMAP Mailboxes show empty. (ipop3d problem?)

    Over the weekend I patched up our Redhat 6.2 server using the Redhat Network Scheduler.

    It appears that since I have done this, the server can no longer provide access to e-mail via POP3 or IMAP.

    The POP3 server is up and running when telneting to it, I get:

    +OK POP3 morpheus v2001.78rh server ready

    However, when I log in as a specific user, Im told that the mailbox is empty.

    E-mail is definitely delivered to the server; if I watch a users mailbox (mbox file) and send an e-mail to the server, the size and timestamp of the file increment accordingly.

    It would seem that the problem lies in the POP3/IMAP systems (ipop3d?) not being able to see the mailbox files for the given user.

    Im fairly new to Linux administration, so any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.

    TIA for your time and help.

    Kind regards,


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    I would run strace on the pop3d processes to see which mailbox files they try to access.

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