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    Best way is, download PartedMagic LiveCD and boot up from it. Format partition(s) in any FileSystem. PartedMagic is one of the best partition manager and it has a lot of tools like PartImage ( for cloning partition like ghost ), Partition Recovery Tool ( testdisk ) and a lot more.

    You can format partitions through command line tools like mkfs too.
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    Actually, nevermind I guess. I downloaded gparted and it's in the process of formatting it to ext3. That should work. *crosses fingers*


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    Ok, it worked. But with the exception that I can only access the files from my Kubuntu partition to copy over when I sudo.


    Edit: Also, what does this mean:
    is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.
    It pops up a lot when I sudo for konqueror.

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    Well, it may not be the most elegant and secure solution but I formatted to FAT 32 just so that I could have access via OS X and Linux. I really don't want to use FAT 32, but I didn't see the option to format to NTFS, which would at least be a bit more secure.

    Think I'll regret keeping it like this ?


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    NTFS may not give you much more security anyway ... I don't think the ntfs-3g driver will honor access rights on the ntfs partition.

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    Well, this all may have been for naught anyway. I was to use this external as a server for iTunes but.. iTunes SUCKS ! And not only does iTunes suck, but I'm none too crazy about OS X, either. Sloppy and inefficient OS for daily, mundane tasks if you asked me. No cut paste ? No file tree browsing, making you open multiple windows ? Ugh. iTunes is the most sloppily written piece of garbage I've ever used, and am not sure it's up for the task at hand.


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