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    Post Unable to Access a folder with "&" in the name

    Hi All,
    Need some work-around for accessing a folder with an "&" in itz name. When I try accessing it, it takes only the first part of the folder_name and throws an error as shown below.

    Ex : folder name: ./zigibae_&_NAME
    ls ./zigibae_&_NAME will give the error
    [1] 16690
    /usr/local/bin/ls: cannot access ./zigibae_: No such file or directory
    bash: _NAME: command not found.

    Please help me in this.

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    The '&' character is a special character in many shells (meaning that the preceding command should run as a background process). Therefore you need to escape it by preceding it with a backslash, or enclose the whole string in single quotes:

    ls ./zigibae_\&_NAME
    ls './zigibae_&_NAME'

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    Thanks for a very quick reply and for the solution.

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