I've just built a machine running Ubuntu for web access for my family and to act as a file server for all my stuff. I've got all my mp3s on there and that's all working fine but now I need to think about sorting out some playlists.

I have a Windows XP machine that is my main system for playing music. I use Windows Media Player which I really like but could be persuaded to use another player if needs be. I also have a PS3 running Yellow Dog Linux which I sometimes use for playing music. And obviously there's the Ubuntu machine which my family uses. I've only tried a couple of music players on Linux but quite like Rhythmbox (again I could be persuaded to change).

What I need is some way of synchronising my playlists so I only have to create them once and have them accessable over the network from the different platforms. Is there a good way of doing this?

Is it best to use some sort of playlist manager software? Or is there an open standard for playlist files that I could use which has decent support from a number of different media/music players?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.