Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum!
I didnīt know where this question would feet better, so i end it up puting it in misc.
Basicly, i have a longshine router based on conexant chipset. Itīs a very bad router and i dicided to update its firmware because the new version solved many of the problems that i had with the old one. But the replacement task didnīt work very well and, after some more few mistaks, i end it up with a full trashed firmware ( i discovered that i could log into the router with ftp and i deleted all the files that were there - so i could make a good and clean update after that - and i regreat it ).
Now i was wondering if it would be possible to use the dd comand for puting all the firmware back in the router and if that is possible, if sameone as a router with a firmware version like ETHADSL_USB_080902_REL9 that could make the 'dump' of its working firmware.
Please reply... any coments are apreciated.