Today I switched from Vista as my host OS to Ubuntu. There are some things I do need from my former OS, so I did a complete Vista back-up and used Clonezilla to create an image.

First I had some minor aches to enable usb support for Virtualbox, but then the real problem started. Neither of my back-up's want to restore. I used my Vista back-up and it said my hardware config changed too much and Vista couldn't be booted.

Clonezilla shows my Virtual hdd when I have to select my home folder where to restore from, but after selecting which image to restore, it only shows my external hdd (which has the image, that I selected for the home folder) on which I can restore. When I select this hdd, it shows obviously that the drive is busy.

But I was wondering how I can see my Virtual hdd when I need to select a home folder, but don't see it anymore when I want to put my image on it. Any help is much appreciated!