Hi All

I am a newbie to Linux and Samba but getting thru it slowly and successfully.I am trying to get the Linux server accesible from windows
and I need to know what the EXACT naming convention is for the LDAP settings in Samba.

Here is the scenario

I have a MS Active Directory in place with a W2003 server acting as a PDC emulator.The server is called Frodo and the domain is lab.co.za.

I have Suse server 9.1 and want to make this available to the windows clients and also want to use the Active Directory for authentication.In samba I (via the Yast tool) I choose LDAP for authentication and need to supply the path to the LDAP server (which would be Frodo) but I don't know what the exact distinguished name should be.I was told to use


but if I do an LDAP test I get an error "there seems to be no funtional ldap servers at this location"

can anyone help ?