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    Tar, Screensaver, and Drivers

    Hello guys, before u read this thread ... be warned that Im not excellent at typing the English language because it's my second language. [America Sign Language is my native language. In case if you're wondering]

    --Tar Issue--
    I have a few problems with RedHat Linux 8 operating system.
    I've downloaded a few .Tar files from the Internet. I couldn't install all of them because of errors I have encountered. For example, one .tar file called, "klogic-1.28.tar.gz" all I did was clicked on it then it opened and showed its files then I copied its klogic-1.28 folder to my home directory. Of course, it required me to run the console command line such as, "./configure" ... "make" .. "make check" .. and finally "install" but after I typed "./configure" a error message appeared. Please look below for detailed information of what I did.


    [root@localhost root]# cd download
    [root@localhost download]# cd klogic-1.28
    [root@localhost klogic-1.28]# ./configure
    loading cache ./config.cache
    configure: error: can not find install-sh or in admin ./admin


    Here is another example of .Tar problem with different .tar file, "kalamaris-0.6.0.tar" however, when i typed ./configure .. it ran good then i typed, "make" .. errors appeared which I'll display these messages here.


    [root@localhost kalamaris-0.6.0]# make
    cd . && aclocal
    cd . && automake --foreign Makefile
    cd . && perl admin/am_edit defines DEPDIR. This means if you're using automake > 1.4 - this is not supported!cd . && autoconf
    aclocal.m4:473: error: m4_defn: undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion
    autoconf/lang.m4:173: AC_LANG_RESTORE is expanded from...
    aclocal.m4:473: the top level
    make: *** [configure] Error 1


    I have read the man tar .. i still couldnt understand some of it. Perhaps u guys might can explain me how to open and do something with tar file.

    --Screensaver Issue--
    Everytime I select one of various kinds of screensaver, it couldnt display on the screen. Just a blank screen. Help!

    --Driver Issue--
    Im using Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop and its has Ethernet and 56k modem being integrated in. I believe its winmodem.. and many people said there is a no driver for it to work in the redhat linux 8 environment. So, I was wondering if there's anyone in here might have an alternative..

    So, I guess thats all. Thx.

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    What is America Sign Language? Never heard of it. On the other hand I live half a world away from America.

    Anyway... those errors with klogic and kalamaris seems like package errors, ie. it's not your fault, but rather that they were made wrong. See if you can get them from another packager.

    Screensavers often refuse to run if you're root, since that's a security issue. Actually, many things are a security issue with root. Log in as a normal user instead.

    WinModems don't always have Linux drivers. Check what manufacturer and model it is by running lspci as root.

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    ASL -> America Sign Language

    That language is suitable for deaf people.

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    LConsole Run?

    Hey, just to let you know that I'm a complete newbie at linux stuff. Well, thousands of people recommended me to get a copy of RedHat Linux 8 .. so I just simpfy became addicted to it recently. So um, how to run ispci on konsole? Thx.

    A question...

    Many ppl said that using redhat linux 8 on my laptop is excellent use for computer engineering, physics, chemistry, and etc.. is that true? Well, i love the redhat linux environment.. makes me feel like a advanced computing user. lol.

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    Oh... you mean sign language as in _sign_ language. I get it now! =) That's really quite cool.

    Basically, to run lspci, just start konsole, and if you're not root, start a root shell with "su -", then just run lspci. (To run a command, just type it and press enter).

    If you mean computer engineering as in computer science, Linux/UNIX is probably the best platform, yes. Most computer science related stuff is really made for UNIX environments (if you didn't know it, a GNU/Linux system is basically a UNIX system).
    I don't know about physics and chemistry, though. I usually don't do such things on a computer, so I can't tell.

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    Eh.. command-line argument does not work

    Hey man, please check below for detailed information about what I did as you said.

    1. Xcore Konsole
    2. su -
    3. Root Konsole
    4. Ispci [not working]
    5. ispci [not working]


    Another problem here...

    I have HP PSC 2110 printer ... is there any driver that can make red hat linux 8 support it?

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    How do you mean that lspci isn't working? What errors do you get?

    I don't really know much about printing, but check and see if they have anything on it.

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    Oh ok, here it is.

    [trec@localhost trec]$ su -
    [root@localhost root]# Ispci
    -bash: Ispci: command not found

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    Dolda is typing with a lowercase "L", not an uppercase "i". it is lspci like "LiSt PCI"
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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