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    Collective using programs on KDE3

    I have 2 users in my Kubuntu system, Mine and my brother`s. We want to use some programs in same settings. Especially Ktorrent and VirtualBox. For example, in Ktorrent, when I started a download, that must continue in my brother`s profile. We tried symbolic link between users' ".Ktorrent" folders but it did not work. So what we should do?

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    The symbolic link approach should work, but you need to take into account the permissions and ownerships for both directorioes. If you can't access his home dir, then whatever you symlink from his home into yours will be innacessible (the link will appear as broken).

    An alternative could be to put this into a separate partition whick is in vfat, for example (vfat has not permissions/ownership schema). Then symlink the relevant directories into that separate partition.

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