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    Smile Wearable wifi computer

    Greetings, I'm new to this Linux message board!

    My background : 25yrs as a hardware technician. suffice it to say i can build and repair almost anything electronic and computer orientated. my software experience was mostly based on windows, but for the last 5 years i have been running and using Linux and Freebsd. have installed almost every distro available. mostly concentrating on small distros.

    Lately i've been playing with pico and mini sized 3 to 5" inch pc computers (like pc104 Embedded Boards, Via Artigo etc..., ) these i have installed with Linux distros such as puppy, dsl, and single floppy distros, for experimentation.

    My project for several years has been the following with one goal in mind...

    My application: to design and build a low power, portable, wearable, Linux based embedded computer with composite video out hooked to a cheap head mounted display (ntsc), together with a data glove, foldable flex silicon keyboard and totally wireless wifi internet as it's sole purpose.

    The reason: to have wireless internet anywhere, anytime.

    I have achieved all of this already and it works wonderfully... however, the power requirements have been a major problem (17watts). and the size is still an issue as well as an inconvenience.

    Then i had a major brainstorm session and i believe i may have found a way.

    I thought about the concept of a USB Computer, or as close to a usb computer as possible. unlimited plug'n play modules!

    USB Hubs. low power, usb storage, usb linux os, usb wireless, usb foldable silicon keyboard, usb driven data glove Etc...

    But i can't find a USB computer and definitely not one with composite video out for display. i might be able to build one but not sure about the Linux software end, kernel, boot hardware detect etc... help would be appreciated.

    If anyone has idea's or suggestions about this i would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks in advance!


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    Fred's USB Computer idea

    Picture of USB Computer idea...
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