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    Question wget to download a directory

    I have difficulties in getting the option right for wget to download
    directories from Repository - [aufs] Index of /aufs
    Anyone could advise on this. Thanks.

    actually i am looking for a tarball for aufs module but couldn't find. so i think i need to download all the associated directories and files in the above mentioned URL before i could install the aufs module.

    I key in the following code.
    wget -i files_aufs -c -B

    It only fetch a index.html file! The files_aufs has the entry of "fs" and "include" which suppose to tell wget to get the "fs" and "include" directories from the URL.

    Appreciate anyone could shed some light on this.

    Thanks a lot.

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    You need to use the cvs command for this. It actually gives the instruction for downloading it on this page: CVS

    There are instructions right in the repository on how to do this. Check out the Download section of this file Repository - [aufs] View of /aufs/README

    Of course you need to install cvs first, unless it is already installed. Then follow the instructions, first create a directory to put the files in.
    mkdir aufs.wcvs
    Enter the folder:
    cd aufs.wcvs
    Now log into the CVS server. When it asks for the password, just hit <enter>:
    cvs login
    Now enter this command to download the sources:
    cvs -z3 co aufs
    That should do it.
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    Thanks Paul.

    Yup.. managed to do it. Appreciate your help.

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