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    Cann't Miss, try Knoppix STD:

    Hi Frndz,
    After struggling much and installing different distro of Linux, I finally came to a stop, Knoppix STD 1.0b. This is a This is totally based on Knoppix 3.2 but has a lot of security and hack related things. I assure you, that u will love working on it. It has many network analysis tools, passwork crackers, sniffers, servers, hacking tools, and penetration tools, that you will enjoy playing with. It comes in 1 cd and the tools have replaced Openoffice and other things not needed too much. So give it a try.
    I want to install this Knoppix STD 1.0b, but when i tried the command knx-hdinstall that i did for installing knoppix 3.2 standard, that didn't work. So anyone there can help me install the Knoppix STD?
    there is no option given in Help Menu to install the knoppix STD (using F2).
    Ok my next problem is, i once installed Mandrake 10.0, Yoper, Windows XP and then tried to install Red Hat Linux 9.0 but failed. Red Hat 9.0 Installation gave error for bad hard disk geometry and showd the resource collision of two partitions. But after that, i uninstalled Yoper and Mandrake (as to remove all the partition with / mounted) and then installed the same REDHAT without any problem. After that i installed Yoper and Mandrake. I think that was due to the two existing partitions with '/' mounted.
    Now, i want to know, is there any solution to this when installing RHL with some other Linux preinstalled. (Partition Hiding didn't work)

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    LOL....PHLAK is the way to go.

    I was under the impression that Knoppix was still a live CD, and that's it. Then, you ask about Red Hat 9.0. HUH?

    ra21vi - Weren't you - just last week - talking about Yoper? What was it before that? If I were you (just an opinion here), I'd pick a distro and stick with it awhile and learn about it...then ask your questions. Just a tip!

    Here's a good link for questions:

    Could save you much forum time and aggrivation.


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    Hi FourtrackMind & Bionnaki

    hi, thanks for the reply.
    To FourtrackMind:
    My problem is that i m user of Windows Xp. I am doing Computer Science (Honours) from delhi university, india. All the systems in Lab has windows installed. So, the softs and tools i used in windows. Now, when i got knoppix for the first time, i was impressed. I searched for the RedHat Linux distro, much read about that time. and i found it interesting cuz it was real difficult to operate and understand for the first time , not as easy as windows Xp.
    I m very interested in system programming/dos graphics programming and network security/hacking. I read much about the use of linux in various fields. Then I downloaded and bought (I bought RHL 9.0 from a software vendor selling pirated softwares for 15$, much in india). I downloaded Mandrake 9.1, Yoper 2.1, Mandrake 10, Knoppix 3.3, FreeBSD, Arch Linux, Monkey Linux, Knoppix STD. Gave try to all except FreeBSD (which i will later try when I have backed up all my data from HDD). I got probelm in every step using Linux. Like when i programmed my simple C++, gcc gave many errors. And later i just wrote a c++ program with cout<<"Hello World"; included iostream.h , and to my surprise i got about 12 errors. Lol, i m pissed. But i don't know why i love Linux that i want to learn it, and now i can establish my cable network ( very difficult before, as i have posed the matter in forum). I can do something more in linux, but cannt program C++. I have to use C right now .
    So, did you get my real problem. Maybe I will write these in another forum just for getting help.
    If you want to help me, please mail me if u can.
    thanks in advance.

    --->To Bionnaki:
    Hi, i have read about the PHLAK, really impressing. Thanks dude.
    I am downloading it, the tedious work, the speed i m getting right now is 4.00 kbps (poor ISP)

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    to address programing in c++ you cannot use the gcc compiler, that is for c, use the g++ compiler for c++. I might have to agree, once you get a distro working, just fiddle with it for a month or so. I hop all over the place from disto to distro, but once you have a better understanding of linux 'under teh hood' then you can install multiple distos on one disk far easyer. Also, here we consider hacking the reworking of programms, not he immature act of screwing up others computers. That is cracking, and while what you do on your own time is you ouwn bussiness, we do not acknowlege post relating to that on these forums, and they are promptly deleted if they pertain to anything illegal. (You can read the forum policy on post deletion in the topmost forums)


    On a more personl note, I hope that you have more respect for yourself as a programmer and Linux user than to waste your time with that. While it is addmittantly exciting at first, its not worth your time to give a fcuk.
    Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux
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