I am not sure what forum this belongs in so I think misc is the best fit.

Does anyone know of any way to mount a filesystem image w/o having root access? By that I mean no root login, no sudo, and no ability to edit fstab.

The filesystem image (fat32) is located on a USB stick (the USB stick is automounted by fstab so that is no problem). I want to mount the image in a temporary directory in my home directory so I can add a file to it.

If I can do this with mount great, otherwise I dont mind running something similar to fuseiso except that I need it to be able to mount fat32 image files.

I personally have root access, but I am trying to make a usb stick that contains this image along with a script that could be run by users who do not have mount sudo privileges to perform mounts. I can install a new package on the systems where this will be used but can not modify fstabs. Is this even possible?