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    Linux on Mattel Hyperscan

    Anyone own a Mattel Hyperscan console. I was wondering if it would be possible to install linux on it. Here are the specifications:

    162 MHz Sunplus mMedia 32-Bit RISC Processor, named S+Core
    2D graphic engine
    UART, I2C, SPI etc
    Composite Video Output and TFT LCD panel support
    MPEG4 Video codec/MP3 Audio
    16 MB SDRAM System Ram
    640x480 Native Resolution
    24 PCM sound channels
    Quad Speed CD-Rom Drive
    RFID Scanner (13.56 MHz)
    RFID Storage: 96 bytes of user memory + 8 bytes unique ID + 6 bytes of one time programmable memory
    USB 1.1 Port device and host function

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    Here are the specifications to the Dreamcast, Playstation, and Nintendo 64

    200 MHz SH-4 with an on-die 128-bit vector graphics
    PowerVR2 w/8mb of ram
    Main ram: 16mb at 64 bit 100mhz
    Sound RAM: 2 MB 16-bit 66 Mhz
    Yamaha AICA Sound Processor: 22.5 MHz 32-Bit ARM7 RISC CPU: 45 Mhz
    Yamaha GD-ROM drive: 12x maximum speed
    Inputs: USB-like "Maple Bus".
    Color Output: Approx. 16.78 million colors (24-bit)
    Video resolution: 640x480 interlaced or progressive scan
    56k modem(North America) 33.6k(Europe)

    MIPS R3000A-compatible 32bit RISC chip running at 33.8688 Mhz
    Maximum of 16.7 million colors (24-bit color depth)
    Resolutions from 256224 to 640480
    Main RAM: 2 MB
    Video RAM: 1 MB
    Sound RAM: 512 KB
    CD-ROM: 2x, with a maximum data throughput of 300 kB/s

    Nintendo 64
    MIPS R4300i-based NEC VR4300 64-bit and clocked at 93.75 Mhz.
    4 megabyte of RAMBUS RDRAM (expandable to 8 MB with the Expansion Pak)
    64-bit RISC "Reality Immersion" Graphics Co-Processor Utilizing Reality Immersion Technology; (62.5 Mhz)

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