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    Quick & easy Linux emulator for Windows PC?

    Hi, guys, I'm a Windows XP user (I hate Windows, by the way). I've come across a 500KB software that I need to use but it's only been coded for Linux. Is there any quick and easy Linux emulator for Windows XP that won't completely rearrange my hard drive in the process?

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    welcome to the forum

    > Linux emulator

    try "knoppix," a so-called "live-CD" that
    runs entirely in RAM--no HD involvement at all--
    you can run yr linux code off a floppy.

    > hate windows

    must be "love/hate" as you continue using
    the sun is new every day (heraclitus)

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    I believe what you are looking for is cygwin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coopstah13 View Post
    I believe what you are looking for is cygwin.
    Actually, no. Cygwin will not run Linux executables. It is a collection of GNU utilities that have been compiled in MS Windows and made to behave similar to a Linux system, but the code is still WIN32.

    To run Linux-compiled executables you'll need a virtual machine of some sort like VirtualBox.
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    Download VirtualBox, download the iso of your favorite distro, install into VirtualBox, boot said distro inside VirtualBox. Quite easy, in fact.

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