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Thread: login problems

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    login problems

    I am running RedHat 7.3 and everything was working fine until yesterday. The server would not accept any login. I booted in single user mode and re-assigned the root password. Now I am able to login from the gui interface into KDE but when I try to login from the text login the cursor drops to the next line and flashes. Does not ask for password or allow me to access anything. Any ideas on what caused this or how it can be resolved?

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    No idea, really. Have you been cracked, mayhap? Try stracing the mingetty process and see what it does.

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    Have you checked your /etc/password file to make sure that you have a shell assigned to the user? Also check your $HOME/.bash_profile and/or $HOME/.bashrc and make sure there are not any programs being run when you login.

    I had a server that had a line in the profile to run last or something. When I would login I would not get a shell for a long time. I would then hit CTRL+C and I would get the shell prompt. So basically it looked like I was having login issues because the command in the profile were taking a long time to run.
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    reply1: I was thinking I may have been, I'm not sure yet. The server is not on sited and I can't login through a modem so I am having a hard time trouble shooting.
    reply2: I will check to see if there is something set to run on boot. Thanks. For the password suggestion, even if there is no passwd profile should'nt I still be asked for a login even if it is a bogus user or could a corrupt passwd file cause it to skip the password: all together?

    Thanks for the help

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