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Thread: Suggestions?

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    I've used various distro's of linux before, in very limited ways (nothing technical really).

    Anyway, I have an old Pentium 233mhz, 64mb ram, 3gb HDD, ATI rage 3D graphics card. I was going to install one of the small 'n' lite distros on there (probably puppy because I've already got a copy of it from a few months ago).

    Anyway I've come to a problem. Sure it's all fine and dandy to put linux on to "play around", but I wouldn't really get to appreciate the distro if I didn't have anything to do on it. Anything that I can think of, I can do much faster (and with more screen area) on this PC (only has XP on it atm).

    So what I'm asking is this, what could I use this old PC for?

    I've started to learn python recentally and I thought I could use it for that purpose, but then it's just something else I could do much better on this computer.


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    I would use it as a learning machine and install my own operating system on it.

    For example, compile Linux the kernel on your real machine and transfer it to the toy computer's hard disk. Then install a small standalone shell on it, too.

    From this point on, you have a computer that can boot on itself and you can start to install more and more programs, configuring them as appropriate.

    If you will ever finish, you will have a degree of understanding of operating systems that very few persons can claim they have. If you fail, you will not have destroyed your productive system, but will have learned a lot anyway.

    (I have been tempted to do this for years, but could never actually get the time for it. Maybe _this_ Christmas's Holidays will be different ; )
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    You could easily use it as a webserver. Or if you wanted a DHCP and DNS server. In fact, you could do all of those things together! You could learn a lot about networking with a dummy box running in the corner. Everything from ssh to NFS. These are things that you can read about all day but really only sink in when you do them...and more than the learning side of things the familiarity you gain will allow you to use these skills in the future in real situations.

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    Re: Suggestions?

    Hi Faded_Mantis,

    I think it's enough to get the knowledge any simple or small software like ms office,dos etc.But you can't get the speed.My suggestion is that you have to upgrade your pc there are nominal cost for upgradation.You just upgrade your hdd and your pc ram.Then you have to install any big software and also you got a speed when using internet.

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Just using it as a toy box to play around on is probably what I'll end up doing. As far as using it as a web server goes, we have data usage cap plans and pay per GB plans here, so this isn't much of an option. Upgrading it is out of the picture, an example with that ram, is that if I even managed to find a compatible stick which still worked, it would be very expensive for what it is.

    As well as just using it as a toy box I've thought of another use for it. But I'm not sure if it's something that will work on this computer/OS setup.

    I have an external HDD which I switched off before doing the stop USB device thing in XP. It popped up to say "cannot be disconnected right now..." and since it's normally ok to just disconnect it...and because the HDD hadn't been used since the computer was last turned off I figured it'd be ok. Turns out that the master file table is now corrupted, and I was hoping to use a file search/recover programme to find the files on it and restore them.

    Is there a programme you recommend (either from use or from good word of mouth etc) which will work if Puppy linux, and can recover files from an NTFS file system through a USB port? If not on puppy, what about on one of the other lite linuxes like DSL?

    The reason I want to do it on this old computer is that I don't want my main PC or laptop tied up for ages while it does the scan.

    Also has to support HDD's of 320gb size (this one is 320gb)

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