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    Using Windows Recovery DVD's on a computer running Linux

    I have recently installed Linux on a laptop which had previously run XP (from manufacturer) then i upgraded it to Vista (then linux). I made a PC backup while i ran XP but not while using Vista. When i installed Linux i installed it OVER the ENTIRE patition so windows files dont exist on the hard drive. Can i still use my Windows XP recovery DVD to return to windows? Im giving my laptop to my younger sister for her school work and the school insists it runs Windows. If it was up to me id just keep Linux. So, can i use the Windows Recovery DVD to return to Windows? and if so, how can i go about this?

    I also have a desktop computer running Windows, so if its possible, could i copy the windows installation from my desktop to my laptop?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntsman191 View Post
    Can i still use my Windows XP recovery DVD to return to windows?
    You'd need to boot with the WinXP recovery CD in your machine to see if it gives an installation option. If it does, and it's for the same machine you should be able to complete the installation. If it's for recovery only, perhaps not.

    If I'm understanding the second question properly, trying to more or less move a desktop installation over to a laptop will probably fail because Windows doesn't like to encounter all new hardware on a first boot after being installed/restored.

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    Thanks for the advice. It was right after all. Found the DVD's, booted from Disc drive and an hour later i had XP regretfully... Thanks...

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