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    Backing up hard drive to multiple dvds

    Hey guys i looked around and cant really find a program to suit my needs! My problems is that I am building a new file server that will be running a RAID 5 array with 5-500Gig hard drives, well currently two of those drives that will be included in the array are in use and full, I need to offload these drives onto multiple dvds, yes I know it will take ALOT of dvds, but it seems to be my only choice, anyway, I need to find a program that a directory can be selected and it will start writing the the files to dvd, once one dvd is full it will ask for another and so on, so far ive only found partition backup tools that do this, which is not what i need, I just want it to write the files themselves, i have also found "pybackpack" but that seems to want to copy the entire directory to "temp before writing to dvd, which i do not have that kind of space! Thankgs Guys

    Oh and PS lets heard a poll on what filesystem you would use on this type of array, the array will store movies, pictures, music,etc.

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    have you looked at the old-school twin goodies dump/restore ?
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    tar, rar and diskspan will all work. the man pages will explain tar and rar. You can find diskspan on

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