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    not a linux related question but need an answer

    hey guys , i am wondering how speicfy a particular computer in a network while your not in the network, for example at my home i have 3 computers working on one router and at office i have a computer , one of the home computers has a ssh server and i want to connect from the office to that one, so when i go to What is my IP address? How do I find my IP address? it gives me my routers ip address, so how can i connect my office's pc to my home's?
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    Most routers run off a Linux kernel, so the question shouldn't be invalid here (though may belong in "other")

    1st, you should set your home up with a dynamic IP domain, there are several services available for this (One of the most popular and may even work from your router is That way, you can always access your computer by typing something like '' instead of keeping track of which IP address your ISP gave you last connection.

    Next, will depend on what kind of router you have. What you'll need to do is enter your router's settings (usually a web interface) and open port 22 in the firewall. If you're only trying to reach the one computer on your network, I'd suggest setting that computer up with a static IP (use dhcp settings and tell it to always give that computer the same IP). That way, you can specify a port forward to send all incoming connections from the web in a port to that one computer (this tends to be both safer and more reliable), e.g. send all requests for port 22 to

    Your router most likely came with a CD with a complete manual on it, or you may be able to look it up online. I can't give you anything more specific not knowing what router you have. Your manual will tell you how to do all of this above.

    Also note, that on your ssh server, you'll have to make sure that port 22 is open and sshd will respond to all addresses. If you're working well inside your network, you may be okay for that already, but it is something to keep in mind.

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    If you are trying connect by ssh to your server or your home computer from your work place and are using http proxy, then you should use Corkscrew.

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