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    find files by exact date!!??

    trying to get a command to find files that match a certain date, then run a command on them. i dont want to use find with atime,mtime,ctime because that gives all files greater or less then specified day...not exact.

    so i came up with this command

    ls -ltr | grep 'Jan 16' | xargs ??????
    the grep command returns something like this
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 me mygroup 0 Jan 16 09:44 myFile
    so i need to figure how how to get xargs only to see "myFile" and not the whole line so i can run a command on it. how can I do this???

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    I believe if you do not specify a time with a minus (-) or plus (+) but just the number of days ago, for example: 30, it will give the date. Check the info on this site:

    Find files by access, modification date under Linux or UNIX

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    wow i feel like an idiot....thanks man that worked great!!

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    can use awk to extract a specific field

    This can work too.
    Little late to help you with your original problem I suppose!

    ls -lR | grep '2007-' | awk '{ print $8 }'


    ls -ltr | grep 'Jan 16' | xargs ??????

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