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    remount rw for ALL users?

    I am running the Chakra-live iso (using unetbootin) off of an SD card with plenty of room

    The system is mounted on /.livesys/medium

    I generated a script to run at boot (called from rc.local) so that the extra space on the SD card can be written to. This works and removes the "read only" issue, but I can only write as root. I would like to create a directory on the SD card that is rw as a regular user (or the whole folder /.livesys/medium ), so I can symlink a few items from my home directory so those directories are always updated whether I decide to a session save or not.

    I tried a few options in bold, but none grant permission to my user id (brian=500)

    I also had uid=500 where mode=0777, and this did not work either

    If anyone has any idea what options I need to add after "remount," that would be great.


    # /home/brian/bin/remount-rw

    for fs in /.livesys/medium;
    /bin/mount -no remount,rw,suid,dev,user -o mode=0777 $fs
    if [ "${?}" != 0 ] ; then
    echo "ERROR - Partition: $fs was not successfully remounted
    (read-only). Aborting!"
    sleep 5
    exit 1
    exit 0

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    well, try this as root:

    chmod a+rwx <dir>
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    Odd... even if I do this with a "verbose" output (-v flag), it does NOT error out on any file, but then when I go to check permissions, it still is "root" read-write only.

    Not sure what gives or why the permissions don't actually change. I can still store things there, but just as root, which leaves me with limited funtionality for my needs.

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    If you create a directory and change ownership of the directory to your user are you able to write to that?

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    If I use

    sudo chown brian /.livesys/medium/ I get

    chown: changing ownership of `/.livesys/medium/': Operation not permitted
    It is odd that chmod shows no errors. If I can write to this area as root, I should be able to do it as a user with the right set of permissions but for some reason, the permissions are not able to be written/changed.

    The same thing happens with a manually mounted drive, so there is some issue there. If I let mtab handle it and open a disk with the graphical interface on my desktop, I can read/write it as the user. Very strange.

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