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    A linux developer or two needed, where would I find them?

    Hi, newbie question.

    I like linux, have played with a couple of distros on various machines, but I don't know anything about programming or the like. So some may say I'm mad to start a Company that needs lots of Linux

    My question is: I have this theory that we need a custom linux distro to run our hardware and I need to get in touch with a devloper (or maybe two) to advise on a. whether this is theoretically possible and b. whether they can do it or know someone who can.

    Of course this is a startup so there's little money at this stage but we'd offer equity and shares and of course shares of profits to the right partner.

    Am I completely off track or can someone suggest something?


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    Making a new Linux distribution requires the creation of its own community. Developers, packagers and testers.
    Have you though about customizing an existing distribution and add what you need to have it automatically installed in each new system? For example you may want Ubuntu + Windows Fonts+ Thunderbird+ K3b for your client PCs and Ubuntu Server + Mysql + Apache+ PHP for your servers.

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    Yes, I should have been clearer. This is exactly the approach I'm talking about, not creating from scratch but rather taking an existing small distro and customising so it's suitable.

    It will be almost like a media player front end. Cars and media centres and things run off embedded linux distros and that's the sort of thing I mean. A simple fornt end that boots into a wrapper to run our hardware.

    Hope that makes sense.

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