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    Safely repartitioning harddisk without backup requirement

    I have partitioned a harddisk three times before-blank to Knoppix, added Debian, then added Windows XP, all on one computer, so by no means am I asking for a walkthrough of the partitioning process.

    I am planning to add a partition for Linux from Scratch onto a harddisk with an existing OS, Windows XP. However, when I searched online on how to add an partition using the lesser accommodating XP as the pre-existing system, each result warned that the existing partition would be destroyed, unless I created a backup of the system. I have five years worth of data on that harddisk, and lack sufficient disk space for a backup.

    Using QtParted, I was able to add a partition to an harddisk with an existing system,(Debian), without destroying any data-at least according to my memory. I would like to be assured that there is a way to do just that when I am adding Linux to Windows, rather then the more familiar other way around...preferably without the employment of XP's standard partitioning program, Disk Management.

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    I'd recommend trying the PartedMagic LiveCD. Just boot with it and use it to shrink/expand/create/move any partitions as necessary, and you should be good to go.

    I've never heard of any backup requirement before, although it is usually a good idea to do so, if possible.

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    I supose I should of clarified-the way that it was written out on all the tutorials using Disk Manager, it sounded like you had to backup or your partition would be wiped, without a chance for recovery.

    Regardless, Parted Magic sounds just like what I was looking for. Thanks!

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