When i am using mail command like this:

mail -r prashant.aggarwal@xx.com -s "hiiii" prashant.aggarwal@xx.com < Content.txt i am abl eto dend a mail. Content.txt is a file from which contents are being reda

But when i am trying to execute it thru a shell scipt like this it's giving

The flags you gave make no sense since you're not sending mail. The strange part is still sending the mail to me as desired, why is this message coming?

The shell script is this:

while read line
mail -r prashant.aggarwal@xx.com -s "The CBE Alert Processor is not working in Development" $line < Content.txt
done < MailTo.txt

MailTo.txt contains email id's to which i want to send mail. Each id starts from new line

Please guide me where is the problem