Hello everybody,
I have a computer that boots from a CF card that runs NetBSD. I would like to duplicate that CF card to other CF cards. I only have one external USB CF card reader (Kingston, part #: PCREAD-USB/CF) so I am using dd to copy everything from the master CF card to the host computer (running OpenSUSE 11) then putting a new CF card in the reader to copy the master image to it, again using dd. Here's my command:

From master CF card to hard drive:

dd if=/dev/sdc of=cf_card
From hard drive to new CF card:

dd if=cf_card of=/dev/sdc
When I boot from the new CF card in that other computer, the NetBSD bootloader starts, but then the computer restarts. It cycles like this 4-5 times then the computer tells me there's not bootable disk available. I've tried this several times and I'm getting the same results.

Shouldn't dd work for my purposes? The original CF card works just fine when booting from it. Is my dd command wrong?