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Thread: A sad laptop

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    A sad laptop

    I wasn't sure where else ot put this so misc seems the best place for it. You see my laptop has a problem. I left it on overnight, but somehow the power plug came out and consequently the computer shut off after about an hour. When I woke up I plugged it back in and pushed the power button. the lights light up but nothing is displayed on the monitor, nothing at all, my external fan still runs but nothing else seems to do anything. Please help, has my Hard Drive died? What should I do?

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    If it didn't even post a bios post screen. I would be patient and let it charge for a while. I have booted up my laptops to just a prompt screen and let the battery drain all the way after buying a new battery so I can get the full potential out of the new battery. That means I unplug and let it drain till the laptop shuts off. This has never hurt the funtionality of the laptop. Your hardrive should be ok.
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